I can't see it,
sometimes – if I strain just right,
but I feel it against my skin, warm
when I'm cold, cool
when I'm not; it lies
heavy and strong reassuring me. Gold 

against brown skin, it pulls
about my neck. So simple
and plain – it is
just two gold bars
lying across 

one another. While I stride
in the light, the gift's shine is brilliant, catching
eyes with it's glint, yielding a pause
over the One
embodied. Yet
there is no glow, if I sit in the dark and
the smooth structure goes
unnoticed, unable to share 

its story. Shower, sleep, walking, eat,
it moves
as I move and sees 

what I see. So, basic and bare
a thing to be so
precious to me.

"At the Cross" by me

Gold against brown skin

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 I've worn a simple gold cross around my neck since I was fourteen. I've lost two (one randomly in the dorm, another flew off when my chain caught at the grocery store), but this one I've cherished most. Grandma chose the cross and my mother chose the chain; it is quite precious to me.